Scaling carbon removal to reverse global warming

Removr develops industrial-scale solutions for removing CO2 from the atmosphere and storing it permanently in the geosphere.

Our ambition is to become a global leader in carbon removal, leveraging our innovative, efficient and sustainable technology platform and strong industry support.


It is widely accepted that climate goals will not be met without carbon removal being deployedat scale. Direct Air Capture (DAC) facilities remove CO2 directly from the atmosphere for permanent storage and thereby generate negative emissions which can be sold as durable carbon dioxide removal credits (CDR).

Such credits are bought by companies with net zero ambitions and either high CO2 abatement costs or significant indirect emissions. As more companies commit to net zero targets, the demand for CDR credits accelerated in 2023 with prices for the highest quality ranging from USD 700-1,7001 per ton of CO2. Removr will offer CDRs of the highest quality, with the lowest footprint and the highest durability.‍



About Removr

Deploying the most sustainable, cost-efficient, and scalable technology

Innovative DAC technology platform enabling economies of scale

Four successful pilots in Norway to date, developing commercial plant in Iceland

Available storage and clean energy make the Nordics an attractive initial launchpad for DAC

Building towards the world’s first 1-million-ton solid sorbent DAC facility

Ambition to launch the first megaton DAC plant in the US in 2030

Executed by proven team and world-class partners

Team with industrial scaling track record, local relationships and partners with deep expertise across the DAC value chain

Image depicting Remove facility

Illustration of Removr DAC facility.



50 tpa

Arrow pointing to the right, with a dot at the middle, with text "2016-2023"
  • Four successful pilots demonstrating proof of concept, Norway


100 tpa

Arrow pointing to the right, with a dot at the middle, with text "2025"
  • Industrial scale pilot at Technology Center Mongstad, Norway

Polar phase I + II

50,000 tpa

Arrow pointing to the right, with a dot at the middle, with text "2026-2028"
  • Commercial scale facility at Hellisheidi, Iceland


1 million tpa

Arrow pointing to the right, with a dot at the middle, with text "2030"
  • The world’s first large-scale solid sorbent DAC facility, USA


The zeolite-based technology used by Removr is currently deployed in a fourth operational DAC pilot, a 50-ton-per-year facility developed by technology partner GreenCap Solutions near Stavanger, Norway. The innovative and efficient technology has been developed in the Nordics, utilizing repurposed, existing processes from heavy industry. The process offers unique sustainability benefits and enables highly scalable, automated carbon removal designed to operate entirely on renewable electricity with the potential flexibility to also manage low concentration point source emissions.

  • Sustainable: No use of chemicals or critical minerals, and no toxic waste

  • Efficient: Low-temperature desorption enabling high capture and energy efficiency

  • Scalable: Requires no use of water or fossil fuels, providing high siting flexibility

  • Versatile: Potential of capturing stranded point source emissions

Photo: GreenCap Solutions, Annelin Rygg Ersland

Image showing Carbfix pilot project on-site


With headquarters in Oslo, Norway, an industrial pilot planned at Mongstad Technology Centre, Norway, and a 50,000 industrial scale facility being developed with partners in Iceland, Removr is ideally located in two of the world’s leading carbon removal industry clusters.

Norway’s Technology Centre Mongstad is the world’s largest and most advanced facility for testing and developing CO2 technologies. Iceland is home of the world’s largest DAC plant and offer unique opportunities for scaling direct air capture due to availability of clean power and permanent storage.

At megaton scale, Removr intends to leverage the US’ growing developments of clean power resources and strong government incentives. The incentives include tax credits of USD 180 per ton of CO2 stored and regional support programs for DAC hubs, including the Ankeron Carbon Management Hub in Washington State, where Removr is a participant through a federal grant as part of a consortium of leading carbon removal companies covering the full value chain.


The Removr team combines deep expertise on adsorption technology, industrial experience, and track-record from rapid scaling and capitalization of green industry projects.

Chi Chow

US-based executive with more than two decades of energy and energy transition experience, most recently as Principal at Alussa Energy, a clean energy SPAC that merged with FREYR Battery in a public listing transaction on NYSE. Energy equity research and investment banking at Tudor, Pickering, Holt & Co. and Macquarie Capital and corporate strategy and finance positions at ARCO and Andeavor. BS Civil Engineering, University of Texas and MBA, University of Michigan.

Picture of Einar Tyssen

Einar Tyssen

Founder of Removr. Previously Business Director Floating Energy Production at DNV. International experience from eighteen years in DNV and eight years in the senior management team in Fred. Olsen Energy as technical director, chief business development officer, global risk manager and strategic crisis manager. MSc Marine Technology, Norwegian University of Science and Technology.

Picture of Rune Knott

Rune Knott

Previously General Manager at Wärtsilä Gas Solutions, responsible for LNG terminals and Liquefaction plants. Former roles include Business Development Manager at Wärtsilä and Contract Manager and Project Manager at Hamworthy Gas Systems, ABB and Refeigneration Engineering in Norway and internationally. MSc Mechanical Engineering, Norwegian University of Science and Technology.

Picture of Jesper Børs-Lind

Jesper Børs-Lind

Serial entrepreneur and former trader, analyst and business intelligence architect. Nine years as founder and business developer. BSc Industrial Economics & Technology Management, Norwegian University of Science and Technology. Additional higher education within business development, computer engineering, psychology and finance.

Picture of Per Richard Oslen

Per Richard Olsen

25 years of experience as CFO and executive finance positions in Norwegian and international corporates and start-ups within investment banking, technology and construction. BSc Business Administration and Management from the Royal Norwegian Naval Academy, Bergen.

Portrait of Alex Bell

Alex Bell

Previously Founder and CEO of Agoro Carbon Alliance, a leading US-based agricultural carbon offset business. Eight years of experience in Yara International, including as SVP Strategic Projects focused on industrial decarbonization. Extensive international commercial leadership experience in industry, agriculture and carbon markets. MSc International Relations, London School of Economics.

Picture of Anders Hærland

Anders Hærland

Managing Partner in Vanir Green Industries, Removr’s main owner. Recent roles include Investment Director Ventures, Vice President Business Development and Project Director for batteries in Equinor. Previous head of the CEOs Office in Equinor (Statoil) and personal advisor to former President and CEO, Helge Lund. MSc International Relations, London School of Economics.


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