COWI to support Removr’s first commercial DACCS plants in Iceland

Oslo, 16 October 2023

Removr advances its project developments with the support of COWI, a global leader in engineering. COWI has selected Removr for its co-creator startup pilot program, offering project planning and structuring support for direct air capture projects with a current planned capacity of 100,000 tons of CO2 per annum in Iceland.

COWI, an international engineering and architecture consultancy, has handpicked nine companies it will support from a pool of visionary disruptors for their ground-breaking ideas and potential for real-world impact in solving complex global challenges.

“Removr is experiencing strong industry backing for its planned direct air carbon capture and storage (DACCS) projects in Europe and North America. Being selected for the co-creator program by COWI, a company with a century-long history and an extensive track record of successfully executing major projects around the globe, is a recognition of Removr's market opportunity, technological maturity, and execution capabilities,"

says Einar Tyssen, CEO of Removr.

COWI’s 2023 program addresses the pressing challenges in sustainable energy, large buildings, infrastructure, climate adaptation, and water management. As part of the program, COWI will provide planning and structuring support for Removr’s first planned commercial DACCS facility in Iceland.

“Removr stands out as a pioneer with an exciting technology to remove CO2 from the atmosphere – one of the most pressing environmental challenges of our time. COWI has recently acquired Mannvit, a leading consulting engineering company in Iceland with 280 employees and a stronghold in green energy. Therefore, we believe we are uniquely positioned to support Removr with engineering and project execution capabilities in Iceland and identify relevant synergies”,

says Charlotte Søgaard, Senior Innovation Director in COWI.

Removr’s technology is currently on its fourth pilot, a 50-ton per year carbon capture facility developed by technology partner GreenCap Solutions currently in operation outside Stavanger, Norway. Removr’s innovative technology is uniquely clean, supporting water-free, energy-efficient operations with the ability to capture CO2 from low concentrations point source emissions down to atmospheric DACCS levels. The company’s process is designed to operate entirely on renewable electricity and is flexible on siting, positioning Removr with the ability to develop highly scalable solutions.

Removr follows a stepwise scaling approach to industrialise DACCS and is one of only three DACCS companies worldwide with a planned project pipeline exceeding 1 million tons annual CO2 removal capacity by 2030. Removr’s first commercial plant is planned to commence operations in Iceland in 2025.

For further information, please contact:
Einar Tyssen, CEO, Removr
+47 91 9151 35

About Removr
Removr is a Norwegian company that aims to industrialise DACCS. Leveraging an innovative technology platform, unique Nordic advantages, and a world-class team and partners, Removr’s ambition is to build the world’s first 1 million-ton per year solid sorbent DACCS plant and become a global leader in carbon removal. Removr is owned by Vanir Green Industries, founders of NYSE-listed FREYR Battery, and GreenCap Solutions, a technology company controlled by the industry group BR Industries. Removr’s technology is based on Greencap Solutions’ proven and energyefficient DACCS technology. To learn more, please visit


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