Removr appoints experienced Chief Project Officer to lead the development of industrial-scale DAC projects globally

Oslo, 27 March 2024

Removr, a Norwegian developer of industrial-scale Direct Air Capture (DAC) carbon removal solutions, has appointed Ola Klock as Chief Project Officer. Ola will lead the development of DAC projects based on the company’s innovative, sustainable carbon removal technology process.

Klock brings nearly 20 years of experience in industrial project management and execution across energy, construction, and engineering from companies such as DNV and OneSubsea.

At Removr, Klock will be responsible for project execution, supply chain development and local stakeholder relations. This includes coordinating front-end-engineering design for all Removr projects globally.  

Utilizing existing components and processes from heavy industry, the zeolite-based core CO2 absorption technology used by Removr offers unique sustainability and scale benefits, positioning the company for potential cost leadership across the carbon removal industry. The technology enables large-scale, automated DAC plants designed to operate entirely on renewable electricity with the potential flexibility to also manage low concentration point source emissions.

"With a stepwise approach to scaling, our ambition is to develop the most efficient and sustainable DAC facilities at 1 million ton CO2 removal levels. We are confident that our large, industrial-scale approach to DAC powered by renewable power has the potential to position Removr at the forefront of winning carbon removal technologies. With the hire of Ola, who brings operational experience from industry-leading companies, we deepen our capabilities to successfully design and build our DAC facilities to enhance and accelerate global decarbonization efforts,"

says Removr CEO Chi Chow.

The zeolite-based carbon technology is currently deployed in a fourth-generation DAC pilot, a 50-ton-per-year facility developed and operated by technology partner GreenCap Solutions near Stavanger, Norway.

The next step in Removr’s phased industrial scaling strategy will be the company’s first commercial projects scheduled to commence operations in Iceland in 2026, with an intended capacity of over 50,000 tons of CO2 removal per year when fully operational. In parallel with securing access to the site, power and storage for these projects, the company is establishing a value chain for industrial-scale deployment of its technology.

Klock holds an MSc in Mechanical Engineering from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) and is based out of Removr’s office in Lysaker, Norway.

About Removr

Removr industrializes direct air carbon capture solutions. The company’s strategy is to design, develop and operate large-scale carbon removal facilities with unique sustainability benefits and sell high-quality, durable carbon dioxide removal credits. The ambition is to deliver the world’s first 1 million ton per year solid sorbent DAC plant and become a global leader in carbon removal to provide sustainable solutions to solve the global climate crisis.  


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