Removr partners with digital simulation leader Billington to accelerate and de-risk industrial-scale DAC deployment

Oslo, Norway, March 19, 2024

Removr has entered into a collaboration agreement with Billington Process Technology AS (BPT), a world-leading provider of simulator-based digital solutions, for the development of a digital simulation model (digital twin). The collaboration aims to accelerate optimization of Removr’s industrial-scale Direct Air Capture (DAC) process and de-risk project development.

Removr has several DAC projects under development in Norway and Iceland and is currently exploring additional opportunities in the US and other strategic locations across the globe.

"Removr is privileged to be working with BPT to develop our digital twin, a critical tool that will optimize technology development and delineate the appropriate scaling steps to achieve our ambition to build the most efficient and sustainable DAC plants at megaton CO2 removal levels. BPT holds extensive expertise in developing digital simulation solutions for industrial applications based on process and control principles, and we look forward to fully leveraging that experience to elevate our design and decision processes,” says Removr CEO Chi Chow.

“Removr’s exciting ambition, to develop efficient and sustainable industrial-scale DAC technology to accelerate global decarbonization efforts, complements and aligns well with our strategy, values, and social commitments. Being recognized for our innovation, integrity and agility makes the entire BPT team proud to partner with Removr and energized to work together to develop technical advancements for such an important climate solution,” says Knut Erik Spilling, CEO at BPT.

The scope of collaboration includes digital product development, benchmarking, and implementation of a digital simulation model. Joint work has started and will lead to validation and optimization from both a design and operational perspective of Removr’s scaled DAC plants long before the construction and installation of any physical facilities. Removr anticipates significant time and cost savings will result throughout the company’s scaling plan from utilization of the expected robust digital twin systems developed from BPT’s extensive experience.

The digital twin and lifecycle simulator will also accelerate and improve the accuracy of Removr’s planning, engineering, commissioning, and operation activities, and be utilized for multiple purposes including:

  • Conceptual simulation and validation of carbon capture process
  • Design verification and process system optimization
  • Control system design and validation
  • Optimization of size and functionality of key equipment
  • Establishing realistic training environments for operational personnel
  • Preparations for commissioning and desktop plant startup
  • Simulation of autonomous, unmanned operations

About Removr

Removr industrializes direct air carbon capture. The company’s strategy is to design, develop and operate large-scale carbon removal facilities with unique sustainability benefits and sell high-quality, durable carbon dioxide removal credits. Removr’s ambition is to deliver the world's first 1 million ton per year solid sorbent DAC plant and become a global leader in carbon removal to provide sustainable solutions to solve the global climate crisis. For more information, see

About Billington Process Technology (BPT) is an independent digital solution, simulation and service company with Headquarter outside Oslo, Norway. BPT has unique domain knowledge within production and process facilities, with particular specialisation in compressor design and process safety. The BPT Digital Production Twin includes an unmatched solution for holistic sensor-correction providing invaluable data fundament for a number of advanced digital applications (ala machine learning) as well as calibrated steady-state and dynamic simulators for efficient production optimization. BPT is a frontrunner in modernizing field development approach together with innovating oil companies. A BPT specialty is to apply integrated multiphase flow and dynamic process simulators throughout the field development, commissioning, and life of field to validate and improve design as well as troubleshoot and perform production optimization. For more information, see


Chi Chow, Removr,

Knut Erik Spilling, BPT,


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